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  1. RedRose

    Report for billythejew1

    Players' name: billythejew1 Players' PlayerID: 2310346615974358984 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 2310346615974358984-billythejew1_dm_1.c9071c84f6bb806b66cb607a138d021b Please describe what happened: Wallhack
  2. RedRose

    Report for Jelman

    Players' name: Jelman Players' PlayerID: 2310346614496806528 Server: Hardcore HighXP Proof: 2310346614496806528_jelman-1_dm_1.16ba0a5fdfc44098a57a508aade3f3b1 Please describe what happened: Wallhack
  3. RedRose

    HC HighXP server update

    Not sure how everything works and my suggestions may sound crazy. Is there a way that the server are able to monitor the amount of RPG/grenades/claymore etc. that the players used and have it restrict them after they reach a limit? E.g. use 3 RPG/grenades/claymore per map per player (they will have to decide when the best time to use them during their game) Restrict the use of them on small maps.
  4. RedRose

    Report for Niall[P]
  5. RedRose

    Report for Niall[P]

    Players' name: Niall[P] Players' PlayerID: 2310346613721905917 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: WH Proof: 2310346613721905917_Niall[P]_dm_1.e662c1e7838d4ba986fc0f82c76b582d
  6. RedRose

    Stats Rank Number 1

    hahah I am currently no 1, I think for the wooden spoon
  7. RedRose

    Report for Vili
  8. RedRose

    Report for Vili

    Players' name: Vili Players' PlayerID: 2310346616047806574 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: Elevation/glitch Proof: 2310346616047806574_vili_dm_1.359423a8e3392099d37296ca115e5f19
  9. RedRose

    Little tweak for HC server

    I got so use to playing with 260+ ping for years but the 360 ping is more challenging, especially with all the bombs etc coming at me all the time lol,. On IceOps, i very rarely go positive but on the other servers, it a mix, depending on who is on and what weapon they use (rpg, grenade etc)
  10. RedRose

    Little tweak for HC server

    is there a way of giving longer spawns for players with ping of 300+ (mine is always around 360+ (this is normal on European Servers) and I have notice a number of Australian joining the server as well with similar pings)
  11. RedRose

    Report for rip_chester <3

    Milad, it is Roccat
  12. RedRose

    Report for rip_chester <3 In case the other won't open
  13. RedRose

    Report for rip_chester <3

    Players' name: rip_chester <3 Players' PlayerID: 2310346617236360435 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: Multihack Proof: 2310346617236360435_ripchester_dm_1.f2855631c17c1980375815c016825af0
  14. RedRose

    Report for Conos

    conos0003.jpg conos0004.jpg
  15. RedRose

    Report for Conos

    Players' name: Conos Players' PlayerID: 2310346614793433384 Server: Hardcore TDM Please describe what happened: WH Proof: 2310346614793433384_conos-1_dm_1.24e12639c51302c1bd7ce102310e6139