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2 minutes ago, Aquiz said:

Hey there everyone!


I am here to tell everyone that there are going to change some positions in the staff region of IceOps.

Due to the fact that i recently started a new education, which is a very time-consuming study, i do not have the time anymore what it takes to lead  IceOps in the right manners. Plus due to this study i moved out and went living on my own.

Therefore i am going to step back from my position for the greater good of IceOps. I will still hang around in the Administrator group and manage the community together with our mean guy @Kenai


And it may not be a surprise to all of you that i would like to introduce @ninja back again to the leader group. Recently @Ninja returned to IceOps which is a huge boost for the future of IceOps. He and @leiizko together will form a great staff and i am 100% convinced that you guys together will manage and lead IceOps in the best possible way! 


For me, leading IceOps, was the best thing that i have ever experienced so far. It was amazing to see such a loyalty and trust in the gaming community. Therefore i would like to thank all of you for your support and trust in the leading guidance i've put in to IceOps for the last years. We have managed together to keep COD4 alive and interesting, which is a compliment towards everyone who is around IceOps and supported this environment.:thumbup:


Sometimes for the greater good sacrifices must be made - Seti (King of old Egypt 1998)


- The IceOps Staff




Good luck with your education and living on your own, Should be tough for only a little bit until you get used to things, Then you can come back when things have calmed down xP

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It's completely understandable mate. This is why i am about but not truly as active as i was. Education is tough and it will be tough for quite a while. It's taking its toll on me already :) Good luck with everything and we will always be here for the simple chats to having fun times playing games :) 


You will always be a great leader. But as always study and life comes first.


Hats off to you @Aquiz :thumbsup:



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