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The idea of a Minecraft server has been thrown backwards and forwards for a year or so now and has never gone anyway with it starting to be made a part of the community or are we just abandoning its idea completely.


When having a Minecraft server, it has sparked people attention in the past where we have had 2 servers in the history of IceOps. One being a standard Vanilla server where people had opportunities to show off their building skills and their survival skills. The other more out of the ordinary being a Pixelmon server where it is Pokemon based. 


As a Staff member myself, I regularly play Minecraft as i think it is just a simple and fun game to play and be creative with. And with having a server that is attached to a community, lots of people can get together and have a great time building and sharing ideas.


What i want to know as a final decision from you all is that do you think we should do something like this to give IceOps a different aspect of where you can play? 


Or do you think this may not be such a great idea and we should branch to other games? 


Please comment below on how much you would play on the IceOps Minecraft Server. As well as if you want it to be a standard server like normally Vanilla Minecraft or have it customized with Pixelmon or a gamemdoe along those lines. 


IceOps Staff members will be available to answer questions where necessary. 


Thank you for your input,


IceOps Staff

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i've been playing on a server with some colleagues from work lately.

So i am definitely in for a server (preferably modded with technic stuff etc)


also ii could probably get a friend of mine to join too since he's into the technical modded minecraft.

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I thought that this game is dead, but now I looked at the number of players on the servers, and I can say with confidence that it's worth a try.

I personally can't play now, because I do not have enough time, and I need a new PC.

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