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  1. Hey, du mal wieder hier?

    1. Fa!l3r-Ger*


      Grüß dich,

      bin leider kaum noch hier, da ich mich gerade in Ausbildung befinde und unter der Woche leider nie Zeit habe. Und am Wochenende bin ich froh, wenn ich zuhause bin und verbringe dann lieber Zeit mit Freunden und Freundin. Ich Ärger mich schon ein bisschen, da die Zeit hier einfach unvergesslich bleibt.

      Und bei dir so? ^^

    2. izk0


      Grüße zurück :D,

      ich warte gerade darauf, dass man meine Masterarbeit fertig begutachtet hat. Also im Moment sehr viel Zeit. ^^

      Warst du nicht bei der Bundeswehr?

      Was für eine Ausbildung machst du denn?

  2. izk0

    CSGO team

    Nice! Well then feel free to apply required you want to play it most time daily.
  3. izk0

    CSGO team

    Tell me clan members we have who play daily CS:GO. Ninja, but who else?
  4. Hey hey, long time not seen you xD

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. izk0


      Yes indeed. There was still B3 installed, that must be so long long time ago xD

    3. SpaceMarine


      I played cod 4 back in 2010 2011 2012 so yea long ago. btw why is every single cod 4 server(not just iceops) modded with the cod4x, making everyone run super fast like flash and more killstreaks? Normal cod too stale for the new generations X/?

    4. izk0


      Serveradmin make their servers "fast". It is a setting they set to high values "g_speed".

  5. izk0

    CSGO team

    Nice idea! But unfortunately you are not my age class.
  6. izk0

    Bugs and QoL changes across the servers

    Maybe we shall replace RoZo by Rotu?
  7. izk0

    Staff Update! IMPORTANT

    Thank you @Aquiz for all of your effort you have done for this community. And of course good luck with you study things.
  8. izk0


    Same opinion. However you can not really prevent that. But this forum software lets even do people that without database access and it needs not an IQ higher than 80. I still remember on previous forum software called Woltlab Burning Board it was not possible to read the private messages of other people. However the admin Ares wanted to install a plugin in the forum which would have enabled him exactly to do that. I was not happy about it and it didn't happen I guess.
  9. izk0


    Well he got too many permissions and maxed them out as you can imagine. He most likely has got the permission by accident to login as a different user without knowing the password. He posted with other people accounts and he did read private messages on forum from people who thought that could be interesting. On that way he sniffed also some more passwords which did enable him to do basically everything.
  10. izk0

    Predator Glitch

    I can access it but not share or give files to anyone. The other point is however idk if he ever comes back to (CoD4)gaming. He didn't talk to me for a half year soon.
  11. izk0

    Predator Glitch

    I can not send you it. That is the problem.
  12. izk0

    Predator Glitch

    The big problem is the whole mod is NNJ's privacy nobody should ever see copy, whatever... Better is to install something else here instead.
  13. izk0

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    Well no it isn't!
  14. izk0

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    Okay you are unbanned. However don't try to cheat again - if you attempted it. You will be easy caught and then never ever unbanned again.
  15. izk0

    Ban appeal for LazyBoy

    He is not banned with the legacy system. And I can not find him on Sourcebans.