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  1. Kenai

    got banned ?

    Dear @Registered Flex Offender, Thank you for your Ban Appeal, the majority of the comments here from Members and Moderators say that the demos look fine and that you're unlucky in some and very lucky in others- I do agree with them and you will be unbanned after this post is made, sorry for the long wait. If you have any problems reconnecting please let us know. Appeal Granted -IceOps Staff
  2. Kenai

    Report for SSSSS

    Dont forget, you can use the $Report function in-game. Can be faster than posting here if their SS’s aren’t clean as the above image isn’t.
  3. Kenai

    patiti's Ban Appeal

    Locking due to other Appeal here
  4. Kenai

    patiti's Ban Appeal

    Dear @patiti, Thanks for your ban appeal, Down below you will see what I meant about the No Smoke Bug. (Click the Spoiler to see the Images) This is a Bug/Glitch with Nvidia Control Panel with 'Ambient Occlusion' set to 'On' you can clearly see detail through the smoke, Which is why this is bannable. If you were to set this setting to 'Off' I will unban you but I don't want to see you using it with $FPS again. French - Ceci est un bug / glitch avec le panneau de configuration Nvidia avec `` Occlusion ambiante '' réglé sur `` Activé '', vous pouvez cla vous irement voir les détails à travers la fumée, c'est pourquoi il est bannable. Si vous définissez ce paramètre sur «Off», je vous annulerai mais je ne veux pas quel'utilisiez à nouveau avec $FPS. -IceOps Staff
  5. Kenai

    Culture Ban Appeal

    Other Admins have Spoken, Your Permanent appeal has now been changed to a 1 week temp ban, However be warned that this will be the last Temp ban. I'd advise you to let other players know that if they ask for Ele's or Bounces(Depending on the Bounce) that you won't be showing them. Appeal Granted. You will be able to play again on 8/24. -IceOps Staff
  6. Kenai

    Culture Ban Appeal

    Thanks for your input, @KMB I shall wait for another Admins' input about 1 week or longer temp ban.
  7. Kenai

    Culture Ban Appeal

    Dear @Extrivia, Thank you for your ban appeal, I'm the one who gave you the permanent ban for your glitching as you've been warned, told, and temp banned for the same thing. If you want to show others neat elevators then I'd suggest going to a different server with them like a COD Jump server for these specific things as we here at IceOps don't allow these kinds of things. Since I made the ban, I'll let others decide if a permanent ban is too much for this offense and to lower the ban to a Temp one to 1 week and the next Glitch offense could lead to a permanent one. Sincerely, -IceOps Staff
  8. Kenai

    Unban Appeal

    Then I'd suggest not using the profile 'Delta One' when in our Servers. Also the proof you provided last time was from a different server and not ours, Again since I banned you this will be the last time- If caught again you will be perm banned without an Appeal. Don't use that profile. -IceOps Staff
  9. Kenai

    Sea Shanty 2 [b6]'s Ban Appeal

    Dear @Sea Shanty 2 [b6], thank for your Appeal- The only problem I have with this is the way you went around the cheat protected command. As '/cg_LaserForceOn' is one of those commands protected in multiplayer which I'm guessing you knew about? The cheat protection for the listed commands are there for a reason so players don't get an advantage over others. You were also tempbanned a while ago for player skins which is also a nono. If the Admin that banned you @KMB thinks you won't go around the cheat protected commands no more(Or other Rule breaking) He or I can unban you. -IceOps Staff
  10. Kenai

    Unban Appeal

    Dear @nkaftab4 Thank you for your Appeal, You have been unbanned but the next time you're caught with the invisible 'hack' you will stay permanently banned. Also make sure for future appeals to use This link please. If you have any problems connecting please reply here or create a new appeal to let us know. -IceOps Staff
  11. Kenai

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    As of right now, I would say only weapon skins are allowed.
  12. Kenai

    Colt DRGN's Ban Appeal

    Dear @Colt DRGN Thank you for making your Appeal, You will be unbanned as this is only a player skin and not a Multihack, However don't use players skins in the future(Weapon skins are allowed) as the next time the ban will stay. Appeal Approved. If you have any problems connecting please let us know, either on this post or a new one. -IceOps Staff
  13. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Must be, Because I wasn't playing xD
  14. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    I do agree with this, Make it so I only do like 1/4 of the normal damage as a Survivor and 1/3 as the Obscurity xD
  15. Kenai

    IceOps Gaming's 10 Year anniversary

    Happy Belated Birthday IceOps and the Community! Loved this clan and Community since joining and it's still kicking even after a decade! And here's looking towards another Ten Years! P.S; Lot's of nostalgia from those Xfire Screenshots, Makes me wish Obscurity was as popular as it was back in those days, Even the Zom DB was fun when I played. -Kenai